it was a damp morning so drew & i decided to
have a pricing party...
...but then it got sunny so we grabbed some
chalk/ran outside/kidnapped tj/coloured/defaced the sidewalk/etc.
boba fett shops at LSA... so it MUST be awesome,
but apparently he doesn't like flowers.
(tj has mad chalk skills - duh.)kristen helped out and showed me some love with her artwork.
all done!

but then...
the rain... well... it rained on our parade and this is all that was left:
colourful puddles.it was basically a monsoon......so obviously drew had to play in it.(rain makes christopher & i have bad posture.)

after the rain washed all of our artwork away...
the sun decides to show it's face again.

(so much i was squinting)
what the heck is up with today?!?
the family @ LSA.

20 minutes after the above photo - when i ventured out for a
caffeinated beverage - it rained. again.
there goes the hope for chalk v2.0.

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