it's a fashion affair.

on sunday, may 25th, the franco-manitoban cultural centre played host to the fashion affair - a local fashion show featuring 8 designers from the winnipeg area.

the night was a hit with all the proceeds going towards a great cause!
(project ubuntu at coll├Ęge louis-riel - a project that builds links with people and communities in africa. right now, they are focusing on rwanda, with a goal of building links that will assist in education, health care and the development of small businesses - rad!)

the L.S.A. family was there in full force!
as were lots of friends!all of the above photos were shot by our favourite - brit!

designers that were featured included:
alex dobrica
shelleydee ediger
alex espinosa
lili & francine lavack
stefanie shortt

and of course, L.S.A.!!!

a great big thank you to all those that
contributed to this event!

above photo courtesy of christopher santos.

photos from the runway show can be viewed HERE.


sidewalk. chalk. sidewalkchalk.

we've decided to try a new way of advertising.
it seems to be working.
and colouring is fun!

"don't eat it!"
this is the new girl, brittany.
we like her.
(and she gets along well with baby pugs that come to visit.)