drip. drop.

one of my favourite things about coming in to the shop on a rainy day is picking appropriate music for the first few moments when the lights are still off and the whole place just seems so... quiet. moments that are use to get myself organized and prepped for the shift ahead. the shins took the early shift and now sufjan is keeping the raindrops company.

days like today are relaxing... refreshing.
even here at work.
i keep myself busy with little tasks and little thoughts.

there seems to be a trend occurring.
does this face......look like it's in need of caffeine?
it must.
coffee has magically come into my possession with every shift i work here in the village.

life is grand.
stay dry kiddies!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sufjan.
How completely perfect for rainy days, puddle jumping, working in the best shop ever [I'd imagine it'd be perfect for that...I've never worked there], and adventures with epic people.